woensdag 16 februari 2011

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

'Catch your breath' Day 1

Day 1 14/02/2011

On this oh so romantic valentines day I shot two parts of the 'Catch Your Breath' Music Video.

We spend the morning and afternoon shooting the footage that will be placed on top of the buildings. These are the shots of all the band members individually, but also the band shots (all 6 band members together). We shot over 50 takes that day, and also did some takes for the promo video of the EP that is coming out this spring. The shots of the individual members consist of a wide, a medium and a close-up. With Stefanie I did the same thing but also tried out some other things.

As you can see in the pictures below the light is produced by 2 light sources to get a ' tangverlichting '. My first plan was to only use two TL-lights, one on each side. But after testing this at home I found out it wasn't enough. So I build two wooden frames and attached 3 TL-lights on to the frame.

After we had diner we packed our stuff and drove to the train station of 'Hengelo', at least that was the plan. But when we got to the van the gate to the parking lot was locked. So we had to find someone who had the key, an hour later we were back on the road again. When we arrived at Hengelo station we shot for three more hours, we did the shots that were in the script but also tried out some different other things.

Special thanks to 'het vestzaak theater' who've let us use their theater for the day.